Miðvikudagur , 23. janúar 2019

Midsummer Night – Events

At midnight tonight Midsummer Night begins, or Jónsmessa, as it’s called in Iceland.

According to Icelandic folklore cows begin to talk and seals will take human form. You might even meet some elves.

During Midsummer Night the sun doesn’t set. It is believed that people can find rocks and stones with magical abilities. For example: stones that grant wishes, stones that heal wounds and stones that protect you from evil.

Some sources claim that such stones can be found in two places in Snæfellsnes. Those places are Drápuhlíðarfjall, close to Stykkishólmur, and Klakkur, close to Grundarfjörður.

Events are sometimes held around this night.

There will be a walk up Klakkur following a mass in Setberg church. The mass starts 9pm and the walk is at 10pm. The walk starts at Bárarfoss.

At the shooting range in Kolgrafarfjörður a club will gather and shoot at targets and enjoy the night together.

These are just examples of some events held tonight.

Don’t be surprised if you see people gathering, looking for stones and/or talking to cows.

Also, you might see someone rolling around naked in the morning dew tomorrow morning. That is considered normal.